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Judy Laquidara’s sponsoring a new mode of working on quilt projects in 2013: the Getting it Done challenge.  At the start of every month, pick four projects, large or small, to work on during that month, with the goal of making steady progress over the course of the year.

I love this idea of choosing four projects to work on in any given month; among other things it will let me tailor the projects to the level of time and energy I’ll have to spend that month.  I have made a master list of quilts I’d like to work on this year, and since I’ve been very focused on quilting lately, I also have a somewhat neglected list of household mods which are in need of completion.  So I’m going to pick three quilty projects and one non-quilty project every month, and maybe one of these days that ceiling fan will finally be back in place in the kitchen.

Four projects to do this month:

1) Finish the 30’s Stars quilt top and assemble and label the backing and get that to the quilter (if I can do this before the 17th, I can take it in person and discuss the quilting with her; otherwise it will have to be mailed.)

2) Finish binding the log cabin quilt and label it; stitch down the label for Sea and Shore.

3) Catch up on Grandmother’s Choice sampler blocks

4) Finish modding the entertainment cabinet and install our new flat screen TV.

There are many other projects that I could work on, and if these get done early, I will.  I thought about listing them here as tentative projects, but I don’t want to be overwhelmed with a long list of Things Which Must All be Done in January.  Keeping it possible is the mantra, and four is enough.

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