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J and I are back in Las Cruces, NM, retracing our route to California eastward in the new year.  I’ll be spending the next few posts catching the blog up to close to current events, if all goes well, starting where we left off right before Christmas.

Christmas in the desert )
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Glamis North RV Park

In the way of things when full-timing (plans writ in sand) right after I wrote the post about making the speed run (fast for us, anyway) to get to Baton Rouge for Mardi Gras, our friends had to cancel the party. Bummer. But no cloud without a silver lining; the gap in the schedule let us slot in some sightseeing time and some needed work stops.

From Tehachapi to Niland, CA... )
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J’s on the final lap of radiation and other therapies this week, and we’re prepping to get back to our regular lifestyle. It’s slow going; the appointments in the middle of the day break up my working time. But the laundry is done and stuff in the RV is slowly getting picked up and put away for travel.

Two steps forward, one step back... )
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Bridal Veil Falls 1

December has been a quiet month in the Central Valley of California.  Since Thanksgiving we’ve been living in Turlock for J’s weeks of radiation therapy.  That’s going well, and the doctor is happy with his progress.  Our holidays were peaceful and pleasant; we spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve at home and went out for small shopping jaunts and walks around the local lakes.

Our trip to Yosemite )

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I hope everyone's doing well and looking forward to happy holidays! We're in the process of changing over from chemo to radiation in J's treatment cycle, and thus moving from Gilroy to Turlock to be closer to the radiation center, since that will mean daily appointments M-F for an estimated seven weeks. Part of the process for us has been getting the rig and the truck ready to roll, which resulted in a number of ups-and-downs last week, no question about it.

Ups and downs, all week... )


Oct. 3rd, 2012 02:23 pm
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We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary today.  With a good old English fry-up, served in the dining room of our RV.  Fried eggs, fried toast, streaky bacon (from Broadbent’s, yum!) baked beans… oh, and a bottle of Roederer Estate’s extra dry champagne from our trip to the Anderson Valley earlier in the year.

With the chemo and all, we’re being low key this year.  Our fancy celebration will come at the 25.5 year mark in the Florida Keys, once we’re past the medical foofaraw.  But I’m still highly amused, thinking that if anyone had told me this is where I’d be after 25 years of marriage, I would never have believed it.

Here’s to 25-plus more years to come.

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J and I are doing well; his treatment is going quite well so far, and I've been quilting like mad and have actually sent a few tops off to the quilters. We've been in one place since the middle of June, which is great for the quilting and the healthcare but not so good for the wanderlust. I think it’s our longest stretch in one venue (including time spent at our house in Pennsylvania) since 2009, when we started to travel seriously with the RV.
October will be patch-up and prep month, November, we roll again! )

I hope everyone is ready for Fall and enjoying some cooler weather wherever you may be!
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In mid-May we wended our way down the coast to Morro Bay and Bay Pines RV Park. Still in cramped sites; in this case although they claimed we’d be able to park in our site next to the rig, once the RV was in place (wedged as far to one side as we could get it) the only way to get our truck in the site would have been to fold in the steps and block the trailer door completely. Not recommended. We parked out on the street instead and walked in to the site for the week we were there. While the campground was nice and inexpensive, I think next time we are in the area we’ll stay someplace with slightly more room.

A Spanish Mission and an American Castle )

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We came into California in mid-April and made our way to the Bay area for J’s work, initially. Our first stop was in San Jose, at an RV park close to J’s work.

San Jose, Pacifica, and Half Moon Bay )

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We had a lovely time in Vegas at the beginning of April.  Went and saw Terry Fator, the ventriloquist who won America’s Got Talent in 2007.  Great show, corny in places, touching in others.  J gave me a spa day for a belated Valentine’s Day present, which was lovely.  I luxuriated by the spa pool, got wrapped and massaged and generally pampered for the day.  It’s very odd, staying in an urban RV park; we were able to use cabs to get to the Strip so we didn’t have to worry about parking the truck or having a few glasses of wine with dinner.  I’m not used to campgrounds with cab service!

Plus lots of other services; we had the rig washed and waxed while we were there and they did a great job.  Also took the truck in to an excellent brake shop, Professional Brake Service on Silvso I wouldn’t have to wait at the mechanic’s.

After a very nice mini-vacation in Vegas, we headed for the San Francisco area.  And I saw snow for the first time in two years.  Yep, coming over the mountains into California, it was snowing.  There was maybe two or three inches on the ground and more in the air, though luckily for my nerves, none on the roadbed.  I took a few photos through the windshield; by the time we found a place that was safe to pull over so I could get more, we were below the snow line and the day was sunny and beautiful.  (As always, click to embiggen.)  Snow on the Mojave Freeway in April:

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It’s been a quiet couple of weeks.  After seeing the redwoods, we moved to gold rush country; Sonora, CA, in a fairgrounds campground for a couple of days.  Still no aircard service, though our phones worked fine and we found an internet café so J could work.  We drove the area and toured the local museum; we went to Angels Camp, home of the annual frog jumping contest -- Calaveras Co, if that rings any bells.. ;)  The record distances, immortalized with bronze plaques in the sidewalk (name of frog, year, distance) were startling: 20 feet, 22 feet, 24 feet.  I asked at the info center if they allowed teeny jet packs; the lady behind the counter was Not Amused, but did deign to explain that the winning distances were for three consecutive jumps.

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It turns out that this part of the trip is all about the many regions of California.  We went from Palmdale, in the desert hills outside of the Los Angeles basin, to Three Rivers, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas this weekend.

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Ha!  We have made the Mark of Zorro across the US!  Near-Philly to San Antonio to North-east Arkansas to Kentucky to Kansas and then across New Mexico and Arizona to California.  Whew! 


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