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I hope everyone's doing well and looking forward to happy holidays! We're in the process of changing over from chemo to radiation in J's treatment cycle, and thus moving from Gilroy to Turlock to be closer to the radiation center, since that will mean daily appointments M-F for an estimated seven weeks. Part of the process for us has been getting the rig and the truck ready to roll, which resulted in a number of ups-and-downs last week, no question about it.

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J and I are doing well; his treatment is going quite well so far, and I've been quilting like mad and have actually sent a few tops off to the quilters. We've been in one place since the middle of June, which is great for the quilting and the healthcare but not so good for the wanderlust. I think it’s our longest stretch in one venue (including time spent at our house in Pennsylvania) since 2009, when we started to travel seriously with the RV.
October will be patch-up and prep month, November, we roll again! )

I hope everyone is ready for Fall and enjoying some cooler weather wherever you may be!
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After three days in Mississippi we packed up and headed out on our planned route, aiming to spend some time in Texarkana before making our way to Arkansas for Thanksgiving with J’s family.  Our first stop was a two night stay in Louisiana, at Lincoln Parish Park in Ruston, LA.  Generally we like county and city parks, but we’re always a little wary because they may be great or they may be nasty and you don’t know which until you get there.

Fortunately we got lucky with this one:

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In mid-October, we set out on the first stage of an easy run down to Arkansas for the holiday season. Our first stop was Beacon Hill Campground in Intercourse, PA, where we planned to spend a week or so catching up with local friends and family. Beacon Hill was great; it’s small and the campsites are pretty tight, but it’s inexpensive for the area and right in the heart of Lancaster County, an area that J and I both like a lot. Plus, quilt shops less than a half mile away, what more could you want? Unfortunately, J and I both came down with nasty colds, so we had to seriously curtail our visiting. I spent all day Tuesday resting, but did manage to get by the quilt guild meeting on Wednesday and visit my friend D on Thursday.
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Three C's

Oct. 4th, 2011 12:48 pm
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Convention, concert, and construction (repairs, anyway, but that's not alliterative.)

From Foxboro we headed north and west to Fitchburg to attend the The Great New England Steampunk Expo (or TGNESE, as its creators like to call it.) I’m only peripherally interested in the steampunk genre, but the guests of honor were Phil and Kaja Foglio, creators of the Girl Genius online comic, and Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, authors of the Liaden Universe books. I tried to keep the fangirl squee to a minimum on meeting them, with only limited success. It was interesting attending the con as an observer more than participant; the limited space in the fiver does mean that we choose not to make or keep costumes, and costumes (along with goggles, hats, and corsets for women) were de rigueur. Very few people weren’t dressed up to some extent. And the people-watching was great; some of the costumes were really clever.

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It was a far cry from where we were over Labor Day weekend to where we ended up the following week. As I wrote this post it was raining softly but steadily; I looked out the windows to see young pines planted among the campsites, with the mature forest all around. We were at Autumn Moon, a small campground at the base of the Adirondacks, in a rain which followed us from Oneida Shores.

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We’re in Kentucky just in time for Spring! I really enjoy our days in Kentucky; we usually seem to come through here in spring or fall. We’re in a Corps of Engineers campground at the northern end of the Land Between the Lakes, and yesterday we drove the trace road the length of the national recreation area. It was a beautiful drive. The white dogwoods and the redbud trees are in full bloom, lacy white and pink all along the roadway. Up here in Grand Rivers the tulips and violets are blooming and the weather is almost summer-hot.
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It’s an overcast and somewhat blustery day in Wylie, TX. We’re camped at East Fork Park, a beautiful Corps of Engineers park on the south shore of Lavon Lake. We left Livingston, LA earlier than planned, headed for Texas for J’s work. Unfortunately Lakeside RV doesn’t give refunds, so we were shorted four days we’d prepaid. Not a big deal, but something to keep in mind when making our Mardi Gras plans going forward.

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I’ve listed the major projects I’d like to work on in this coming year on the UFO challenge. But there are a couple of things I’d like to get to which are only vague thoughts at this point. While we’re talking about projects for next year, I’d also like to flesh out ideas for:

A set of small quilt panels to go behind the glass panels in the cabinet doors in the back of the fifth wheel. The glass fronts currently display the bedding and general stuff stored there and I’d rather see something prettier. I’m not inspired on this yet, though. There are four doors to cover, and I keep thinking I should do a set of things, but nothing leaps to mind except the seasons. Eh; that’s pretty vague and not very exciting to me.

A quilted panel to replace the existing padded headboard in the bedroom. Eventually we’d like to change up the bedroom fittings (curtains, valances and headboard) completely, and we’d like to arrange it so that the headboard piece could be swapped out as desired. The current décor is bland to the point of invisibility as it is in almost all RVs, so as not to be offensive to any buyer.

A small needle case. I’d like to have something better than the small fabric scrap I keep in my sewing kit for needles. Most book-style needle cases are too large for my kit. The round needle cases result in jumbles. I bought a kit at a quilt show but I want to jazz it up a bit, maybe do an appliqué fragment for the cover.
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J and P and I sat down and had a family discussion about where to go next, and we decided to go ahead and make the long trip from Kentucky to the southern tip of Texas, so that P could see a friend of his who had moved away after high school. It would let us tour Texas, too, but we’d be driving every few days in order to make it down there and back again for Thanksgiving in PA.

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So far, August has gone by without vital repairs, making it a pleasant change from July.repairs and sightseeing, life of an RVer.. )
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Boy, am I glad that’s over. Short form: we took the latter half of June to make our way back up to PA, weathering a broken leaf spring, a tire blowout, and the summer heat wave(s). MIL had her surgery at the end of the month. Based on her experience I must caution anyone who is considering abdominal surgery not to schedule it just before a major holiday, but eventually she made it out ok. The family reunion for my father’s side of the family was delightful and I got to see cousins I hadn’t seen in over a decade. We were back at the house for seven whole days after the Fourth, during which I went to quilt guild and met up with my crazed quiltr grrls as J calls them, and also brought home MIL’s new cat, who has not yet been introduced to the cats-in-residence but is settling in quite nicely by all reports.

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