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Welp, J’s work has struck again. This morning I was debating starting my day with the quilting I wanted to do or knocking out a load of dishes before settling in to quilt. Good thing I opted for the dishes, since not five minutes after they were finished, J said: “They want me in Houston.”



Ok, we can do that. It’s roughly 260 miles from East Fork Park in Wylie, TX, down to New Caney, TX, just north of Houston. Not too far to go in a single day, and it was early enough we’d get in before dark. I called the campground we’d stayed in the last time his work dragged us down here, and they were able to find a space available for a week. Coming in at the last minute the way we are, we’re shoehorned into a tiny site barely wider than the rig with the slides out. But that’s ok, we’re in, we’re set up and we’re on time for his work.

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We took a week to get from Hot Springs to Pensacola, which was our next destination stop. When we’re travelling the way we prefer, we drive no more than 250 miles a day and take a day or two between drives to just enjoy the journey. J and I group our campgrounds into two categories: destination campgrounds, which are places we want to stay for a week or two, and layover campgrounds, places which are picked for cost and convenience more than any desire to spend time there. Our two layover campgrounds on this trip were both pretty good.

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Or, how we made it down to Florida in two days and back in three. Our clear preference in this lifestyle is to travel once a week or so, driving 4 to 6 hours each time. Towing, we average 40 mph. That’s start to stop, counting in rest breaks, lunch, fueling stops and all. If the driving is all on freeways we do a little better, maybe 50 mph; if it’s back roads or surface roads around cities we do a little worse. So if we have our druthers, we travel a maximum of about 250 (less is fine) miles per change of venue, and we like to change our venue every week or two. I don’t get discontented sitting for a month, but J gets antsy if he’s in one place too long, and I’m perfectly happy with the one to two week stays as the norm.

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I am very much done with hot, as are all of you, no doubt. It’s been hot and sunny, hot and rainy, and just plain hot since we arrived in Florida (really since we arrived in June, and not just in Florida.) I’m staying denned up in the rig other than for brief forays to do the laundry. I finally got the wii fit going again this week and am starting back into what I hope will be regular exercise. J and I are also taking short bike rides around the campground in an attempt to raise the general movement level, but those have been curtailed by the.. say it with me.. HEAT!

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The very next post after I finish railing about coming into campgrounds in the dark and how we never do that, where do I find myself? Pulling into a campground at 10 pm at night. *Sigh* “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” one supposes.

We left Raleigh in early August and drove back to Chippokes State Park for a few days. Our friends from Richmond came out for an evening. It’s been so hot lately that I’ve been staying denned up in the RV; I was really glad that the day our friends were able to come out it was actually moderate, even cool enough that we sat around the campfire in the gloaming for a while. The next day was another scorcher; we drove to Colonial Williamsburg with the intent to tour a bit in the morning, but it was so hot we opted for lunch out instead and came back and immersed ourselves in that excellent pool, for which we were properly grateful.

The afternoon before we were due to leave for DC J’s boss called (at 5 pm, naturally) with the news that he was wanted in Florida... )
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Long time no updates! Sorry for the extended break; I hope to be getting better at communicating this year.

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From White Springs we had our first long drive of the trip, 277 miles along the panhandle of Florida to Blackwater River State Park, in Holt, FL, not far from Pensacola. The cats were a little miffed at us. Mercedes started fussing about two hours in, so they got an early break and were ok after that. The campground is one of the nicest state parks we’ve seen, well laid out with a central bathhouse and full hookups for about $22 a night. We were really surprised they weren’t busier, but it might have had something to do with the road into the campground.

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From Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunellon we drove up to White Springs, FL, in the north of the state, convenient for the next leg of the journey across the Florida panhandle and eventually to Louisiana. The drive was a pleasant jaunt across rolling hills and more horse country. The cats are getting spoiled (me too) with the short drives in this segment of the trip; since we left the Keys our longest driving day has been 147 miles, versus driving days in the 400 to 500 mile range out West last year.

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After five days at Hillsborough River State park, it was time to move on, continuing our few days here, few days there short stays. From Thonotosassa, we drove north to Dunellon, FL. It was a nice drive on a state highway through horse country, all rolling hills (I thought Florida was just flatland..) and ranches. If it weren’t for the occasional palmetto and the Spanish moss everywhere I would have thought we were in Pennsylvania, driving through horse country in Chester County.

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I’m sorry for the long lapse in posts for those folks who are following our adventures in RVing! It’s been quite a while, but I plan to buckle down to writing up our travels and get caught up to date this week.

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Our destination on Sanibel Island was a small private campground: Periwinkle Park. It’s located at one end of the island, and it is mostly manufactured homes and permanent residents/snowbirds. But unlike some of the other long-term resident campgrounds we’ve stayed at, Periwinkle Park makes short-timers feel welcome. The staff was very helpful and friendly and the short term stay area was lovely. Our site backed onto a small canal, and it was easy to get into.

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Jan. 25th, 2010 08:47 am
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Last week was nice and quiet, we hung out with my other aunt and uncle in Florida and I was able to get a lot done on the wreath.  It's turning out just as I'd hoped, which is a pleasant surprise.  Was hoping to finish it on Saturday after we left their place, but we went touring instead, about which I am not a bit sorry.  It was a fun day and this week ahead is another quiet one, which should allow for plenty of applique time.

The block needs more oak leaves (obviously) and a ribbon bow at the base of the wreath in applique.  Then the birds need embroidered bits, and I have to figure out if the unattached acorns need embroidered stems.  I am undecided about that, though I am pretty sure about leaving off the extra 'moss' embroidery on the flower buds.  Thoughts?

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We had a great week in the Florida Keys, despite the cold weather. My aunt and uncle were with us for a few very nice days, and they and MIL took off for their respective homes at the beginning of the weekend. J and I spent the remainder of our time in the Keys hanging out at the RV (Saturday was a marathon laundry session in Marathon, and it rained all day) and doing some light touring.

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Trying something new, click to embiggen, as they say:

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The week before we left for Florida, I was talking with my Aunt about our upcoming trip, and she suggested that our theme song should be “On the Road Again.” Last year sometime I had heard another song for us, and all I could remember was that the chorus was something like “Beep beep, yeah!” Well that afternoon it popped into my head, so now you can all use “Going Mobile” or “On the Road Again” as the theme music for our posts.

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