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This past week was mostly a mini-vacation for J and me, so not much quilting went on. I worked on the binding for Holly Berries (2/3 done) and was distressed to find another small spot where the border fabric was pulled badly enough to need patching. I need to take some time this week and go over the whole quilt with a jaundiced eye and see if anything else is wrong. I’m afraid this second spot (not as bad as the first, where the outer border was actually torn) confirms that this happened at the quilter, as I pulled a snarl of quilting thread from the corner of a square in that area. Lesson learned: look the quilt over carefully before accepting delivery.

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11/19 Design Wall
(as always, click to embiggen if desired)

This week I pulled fabrics for Grandmother’s Choice, the Block of the Week project running on Barbara Brackman’s blog to commemorate Women’s Suffrage. I struggled with possible colorways for a long time while I was thinking about making this quilt. The colors of the American suffrage movement were white and yellow, but the Brits used purple, green and white. Both appealed to me. Finally, a quilt where sampler blocks alternated with quarter-square triangle blocks caught my imagination. I pictured a quilt where the setting blocks and the backgrounds of the sampler blocks would be yellow and white, and the sampler blocks would be all the colors of African violets. My grandmother loved those flowers and always had a tray of them on a windowsill blooming merrily away, allowing me to honor her, too, with Grandmother’s Choice.

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Christmas Village top FINISHED!

This was a week of wrestling with everything. I wrestled with getting a good photo of the Christmas Village quilt, finished last week. After three tries, finally produced a picture I’m happy to share. I’m really pleased with how this quilt turned out, especially since so much of the center panel was done flying by the seat of my pants.
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