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Holly Berries

I finally finished the binding on the Holly Berries quilt and went over it with a narrowed eye and a lint brush.  It’s done but for a label.  Hurray! 

I designed this quilt in EQ a long time ago, and it feels so good to see it in the fabric, as it were.  If you want to read about the process of making it (starting at the beginning of August) just click on the "holly berries" tag.  This is also the first quilt that I've developed a pattern for, since another quilter asked me where the pattern was available.  It's been quite an experience!  As always, click the photo to go to my Flickr account and see it slightly larger, if you like.

There was a little extra push on getting this quilt done, so that I could enter it in the 2012 Christmas Quilt Show at Quilting Tutorials.  Click on over and take a look at all the gorgeous quilts in the show!

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This past week was mostly a mini-vacation for J and me, so not much quilting went on. I worked on the binding for Holly Berries (2/3 done) and was distressed to find another small spot where the border fabric was pulled badly enough to need patching. I need to take some time this week and go over the whole quilt with a jaundiced eye and see if anything else is wrong. I’m afraid this second spot (not as bad as the first, where the outer border was actually torn) confirms that this happened at the quilter, as I pulled a snarl of quilting thread from the corner of a square in that area. Lesson learned: look the quilt over carefully before accepting delivery.

Anyway, on to more cheerful topics... )
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With the borders all cut and partially pieced, with one of them sewn onto the quilt, I had a crisis of faith about the colors I’d chosen for them. The green was too vivid, too strong combined with the focus fabric. I didn’t like the way it drew the eye. It clashed with the center of the quilt.

Borders three ways... )

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Holly Berries pieced and ready for borders.

Sample borders with helpful catbutt.

Last weekend, I laid the blocks out with the units for the nine ‘leaf’ blocks to make sure that none of the same red squares would be side by side when it was all sewn together. And for once it was easy; I got to the end of the layout without having to swap units around at all! That usually doesn’t happen, but it’s awfully nice when it does.

I spent the first half of this week sewing the leaf squares together and then sewing the top together, both of which went really fast. There were some seams that had to be clipped and re-pressed in the opposite direction when the blocks were ready to piece together, but I think I’ve figured out how to handle those going forward. It’s frustrating, realizing that things aren’t going to mesh (in every single border block – grr...) but that’s life sometimes. (And now I know those border blocks will need to be carefully – and differently – assembled in the pattern.)

Borders, simple and complex... )

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This was not a very quilty week; there was lots of running around but very little sewing. Thank goodness for wanting to show something new for Judy Laquidara’s Design Wall Monday, or nothing would have been done on the quilt front at all.

Holly leaf block units

Progress: All pieces are cut for the 9 remaining blocks on Holly Berries, and the berry units are pieced and mostly pressed.

Process: nesting seams and layouts... )

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Check out what talented quilters all over the country are up to this week on Judy Laquidara’s Design Wall Monday. Here’s my design surface, with a partial mock-up of the design for Holly Berries: four finished blocks surround one test block made up of unsewn units.

Holly Berries mock-up

Progress: 16 of 25 blocks completed, alternate background purchased, washed, and auditioned.

Process: When one has never done a new technique before... )


Jul. 30th, 2012 07:01 am
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Holly quilt concept

Candy Dish is complete and lint-brushed and folded, ready to go off to the long-arm quilter.  The backing needs to be bought and assembled (I checked my stash and there's nothing that will quite do.)

Next Quilt (Holly Berries) is on the design chair.  That angel fabric (which has been in my stash for years , waiting for the right quilt) will be the focus fabric, and go where the gold is in the EQ pattern, the cream will be background for half the blocks (stash fabric and I have about half of what's needed for the whole thing.)  It'll be fine; a closely matching cream fabric will actually add  interest.  And I'll be able to use the deep red which was background for Candy Dish as "berries" in this quilt.  Which means that most likely if I actually get to do the last of the Christmas quilts, it'll be a point to find a fabric from this quilt which can be used in that one, so they make a series and a set.

Here's the finished top, held by willing helpers on a fairly windy day. 

Check out what everyone else is up to this fine summer day at Judy Laquidara's Design Wall Monday!

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