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I hope everyone had a great holiday season! Ours was wonderful; in December, after escaping the winter weather in Texas, we gift-shopped across New Mexico and Arizona. We had a pleasant stay in Mesilla, where we met the Pancho-clad Santa complete with reindeer-burro (picture posted earlier) after a tree-lighting ceremony in the old town square.

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Santa in New Mexico

In the town square of Old Mesilla, NM, after the tree-lighting event.
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How the heck is it March already? I wanted to be sure to post something about the second half of our New Mexico adventure, which was in early February. Well, better late than never…

Our trip to Carlsbad, NM... )
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Pelicans, seagulls, waterfowl

I’m sitting outside this afternoon, watching the first fire we’ve been able to have in what seems like years. I looked over our camping calendar and it has been over a year; the last time we were in a campground that would allow fires at all, there were burn bans in effect pretty much everywhere we went. At the moment we’re taking a rest day in Texarkana at Clear Spring Park, a Corps of Engineers park on Wright-Patman Lake, south and west of the city.

It’s been a pretty day, overcast and a bit chill, but still warm enough to sit out with the fire and watch the birds on the lake. Earlier today we watched large flocks of dark-colored waterfowl (ducks or coots, I’m not sure which) who were apparently travelling with flocks of white pelicans, as they swooped and swam to and fro across the lake. All of them were in constant motion, landing on the water for a few minutes then taking off again and landing in a different area, and flocks of seagulls swirled above them.

We’re on our way to Arkansas to visit family, and from there we’ll be heading south to Florida in March and April. On our way east from California, we got to do some touring in New Mexico, spending a few days on the western side of the state to visit White Sands National Monument, and then crossing the state for a few more on the eastern side to see Carlsbad Caverns.

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Preliminary Layout

I’m very happy to be back on the road, but with resuming our travels the quiltmaking has slowed down some. Still, all but two of the whole blocks are done for the 30’s Stars quilt! I laid out all the blocks and put together a rough preliminary layout so folks could see where this is headed. (Click on the photo to open it in my Flickr account at a somewhat larger size, if you like.)

Next step is finishing the last two full-sized border blocks; then I think I’ll swap to hand-work for a few days. We’ll be touring National Parks in New Mexico for the next week or so, so most of my time will be given to that. And in the evenings I’d really like to finish binding the log cabin quilt that has been waiting patiently for completion since November. That’ll be a nice, warm, low-stress project.

Check out what everyone else is laying out and planning up, on Judy Laquidara’s Design Wall Monday!
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So, after our gorgeous weekend in Santa Fe, J’s work summoned him back to Texas.  We looked over our options, and decided that it would be best if I continued westward with the rig while he was in Dallas.  I stayed in the campground at Cochiti Lake for a few more days, then made a short drive down to a casino campground just west of Albuquerque.

Campgrounds, travel, and food roulette... )

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The spicy-pine scent of juniper is strong this morning as I step out onto the concrete patio, taking the tabby for his morning walk. New snow from yesterday’s storm blankets the nearby mountains and there’s frost on the tussocks of grass dotting the gravel field where our rig sits. It’s a beautiful morning in New Mexico.

We came up from central Texas, leaving the lush spring behind for the high desert. The bright greens went dull as we drove, blue and orange and purple wildflowers gave way to white ones, and the soil changed to red and tan adobe. Here the fields are full of juniper and cactus.

Cochiti Lake Campground is a Corps of Engineers park sited on rolling hills by a flood control lake in the Pueblo de Cochiti area. We can see mountains all around this plateau. We’re at just about 5500 feet elevation here - climbed up from Texas flatlands in one day. That explains the wheezing (both the truck and I are panting when we exercise.)

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It's been a craptastic day, starting with lousy donuts and finishing with an emergency vet visit (for something which turned out to be nothing at all - except the vet's fee, but there's a bright spot.)

In the middle I drove from Tucumcari, NM to Cochita Lake, NM (near Santa Fe) while J dealt with work crises and was on the phone to the point that when we got close to where we needed directions, which normally the passenger provides, we had to pull over onto an offramp so I could look up how to get where we were going. Where we were accosted by a homeless guy who wanted a lift "uh, sorry, no" (but was grateful for the sandwiches I made for him when he asked if we might have snacks to share - there's another bright spot.) I made sandwiches for us too and we ate them while J was on the phone. Still. Again.

We got to the campground,spotting the turn at the last possible second. We didn't have reservations, the sites which were supposed to be open were booked, there was only one site available and it took two tries to get in, and then about 15 minutes after we got in and I was reviewing a fic for posting and thinking how much everything I write sucks (that's stress, it'll pass) there's Mister Guy staggering along the floor looking like he's having a stroke while Mercedes pukes. Four times (the puking, not the staggering.) So, fast Google search, vet 40 minutes away, called, made appointment, stuffed the now perfectly nonchalant cat back in his carrier, and drove to the vet.

Where Mister Guy charmed the nice no-nonsense lady vet and acted like a perfectly healthy cat.

One more bright spot: the campground is absolutely stunning. Which I will appreciate tomorrow, I am sure. Tell me something good that's going on for you.
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Ha!  We have made the Mark of Zorro across the US!  Near-Philly to San Antonio to North-east Arkansas to Kentucky to Kansas and then across New Mexico and Arizona to California.  Whew! 


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