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From the Cape it was back to Foxboro for another week of J’s training classes; we stayed at Normandy Farms again but this time I asked for a site on the edge of the campground, which we enjoyed a bit more than being right next to the bathhouse. After that we headed south a bit, ending up in a campground in southern New York state (Black Bear Campground, Florida, NY) in order to visit my relatives in northern New Jersey. The visit was very pleasant; we met up with some friends of theirs who were interested in RVing and spent a lot of time talking over the RV lifestyle.

The campground was nice, except for the stink bugs. )
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Autumn Moon was a great campground, and just what we needed after the hustle and bustle of the last few weeks of August and the beginning of September. Almost empty this late in the year, it was very serene, and we had blue skies and pleasant temperatures to boot. Sites were good-sized and the people were friendly. The only knock was that the Verizon cellular service was poor to none. Yet one more reason to get a cell booster.
Cell booster gripes and Saratoga Springs... )
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It was a far cry from where we were over Labor Day weekend to where we ended up the following week. As I wrote this post it was raining softly but steadily; I looked out the windows to see young pines planted among the campsites, with the mature forest all around. We were at Autumn Moon, a small campground at the base of the Adirondacks, in a rain which followed us from Oneida Shores.

Friends and DIY over the weekend )


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