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Arriving at the party on Nar Shaddaa. Earlier episodes are here. No spoilers except for companion names.

Masquerade Part 4: Let's get this party started )
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With many, many thanks to best-ever beta reader [ profile] lanna_kitty, who kindly hand-held and read and gave feedback on a moment’s notice when I needed it.

This is Part Three of Masquerade. Parts One and Two are here:

Masquerade Part 1: Invitation to a Party

Masquerade Part 2: Naps and Preparations

Masquerade Part 3: Playing Dress-up )

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EDIT:  I got clarification from the person who's running [ profile] het_bigbang, and no, with the thing I was thinking about 50 percent done, it doesn't qualify.  Has to be started specifically for the challenge, even if it's never been posted anywhere else.  So the question below is, in fact, moot.  Please disregard.


So, I have a question for the folks reading along on these little stories every Friday.  I'm considering pulling together one of the stories I want to tell about Adiira and Malavai for a writing challenge called [ profile] het_bigbang.  It would mean expanding the fic out to 10K words, which it kinda needs anyway, to hang together and make sense to a reader coming at it cold. 

More to the point, it would mean holding off on posting it here.  Het Big Bang does a dramatic reveal of all the fic written for the event on August 31st.  I have other stories to post about Adiira and crew before then, but not enough to last until the end of August.  I could put up stories about other characters in the SWTOR universe, like Jaeda, my bounty hunter (see week before last) but I might wind up skipping a Friday or two.

What do you think?  Go ahead and try the writing challenge, knowing that it means you don't get that story until after August?  Or keep posting everything in sequence here, and you guys will see that story likely starting sometime in July?  Let me know.

note: After rereading the requirements for the challenge, this may all be moot.  The instructions say you have to start fresh for the 10K challenge aka the "Little Bang".  I'll write and request clarification, but there's no entirely new story that I am so invested in telling that I want to write 10K words starting from scratch today.

No spoilers other than companion names.

Naps and preparations )
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No spoilers other than companion names.  (As a complete aside, just for sheer geeky goodness, here's Adiira and Quinn.)

Invitation to a Party )
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No spoilers. Conclusion of Escape from the Manor aka Lessons Learned.  Earlier chapters are here:

1.  A private scene
2.  Escaping the manor
3.  Dancing the stars
4.  Interlude, with violence

Debriefing )

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No spoilers other than knowing who the Sith Warrior companions are.  The next scene in "Escape from the Manor"

Interlude, with violence )

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This is a continuation of last week's piece, inspired and improved by [ profile] lanna_kitty (Thanks, lanna_kitty!)  I thought about ending it at the hatchmark, but decided that was a bit too cruel...  No spoilers.

Escaping the manor... )
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Spoilers for the Sith Marauder storyline.

Dancing the Lightning )
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DH and I have been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and enjoying it immensely.  The world is immersive.  The storylines, the writing, and the voice acting combine to make you feel like roleplay is easy.  Even though you choose between just two or three canned responses in dialogue with NPCs, there's vast scope for individual personalities in the game.  I started a Sith Marauder and was really liking the character, but I was very unhappy with how my storyline was going since I had made some bad choices early on, before I understood how the game really worked.

These days, any touchy conversation is held with one finger over the escape key, which will abort the conversation and let us change our choices.  I don't find that damages the immersion too much, because the choice window is timed and I'm sometimes too hasty or the dialogue text marries badly with what the character actually says (some of that is thrift, and I can't blame them -- there's a ton of voice acting in this game so some of the responses repeat.)

Anyway, I was unhappy with my choices; I didn't think they were true to the character in hindsight.  And this being a game rather than life I could fix that.  So I made up a new character, similar name, and in a frenzy of power-levelling got her to 32 in a week.  She steps into the character, replacing the first version.  Here's my in game rationale for the gap while I was powering her back into place.  Minor spoilers and non-canon writing follow.

Quinn's journal, Hutta Orbital Station )


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