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J and I are in Abbeville, LA, for a short stay on our way to the Mardi Gras celebration with friends in Baton Rouge.  We came by way of a couple of the shore towns in Texas: Port Aransas and Galveston.

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J and I are back in Las Cruces, NM, retracing our route to California eastward in the new year.  I’ll be spending the next few posts catching the blog up to close to current events, if all goes well, starting where we left off right before Christmas.

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Ahh, the vagaries of life on the road, aka fleeing the storm.

We spent Thanksgiving in Arkansas with my MIL; it was a nice long weekend with family members arriving at staggered intervals as their schedules permitted.  Sunday we got back on the road after roughly two weeks in Hot Springs, headed for Sherman, TX, on the first stage of our long drive to California for the Escapees’ Rose Parade HOP.

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J’s on the final lap of radiation and other therapies this week, and we’re prepping to get back to our regular lifestyle. It’s slow going; the appointments in the middle of the day break up my working time. But the laundry is done and stuff in the RV is slowly getting picked up and put away for travel.

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I hope everyone's doing well and looking forward to happy holidays! We're in the process of changing over from chemo to radiation in J's treatment cycle, and thus moving from Gilroy to Turlock to be closer to the radiation center, since that will mean daily appointments M-F for an estimated seven weeks. Part of the process for us has been getting the rig and the truck ready to roll, which resulted in a number of ups-and-downs last week, no question about it.

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Oct. 3rd, 2012 02:23 pm
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We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary today.  With a good old English fry-up, served in the dining room of our RV.  Fried eggs, fried toast, streaky bacon (from Broadbent’s, yum!) baked beans… oh, and a bottle of Roederer Estate’s extra dry champagne from our trip to the Anderson Valley earlier in the year.

With the chemo and all, we’re being low key this year.  Our fancy celebration will come at the 25.5 year mark in the Florida Keys, once we’re past the medical foofaraw.  But I’m still highly amused, thinking that if anyone had told me this is where I’d be after 25 years of marriage, I would never have believed it.

Here’s to 25-plus more years to come.

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J and I are doing well; his treatment is going quite well so far, and I've been quilting like mad and have actually sent a few tops off to the quilters. We've been in one place since the middle of June, which is great for the quilting and the healthcare but not so good for the wanderlust. I think it’s our longest stretch in one venue (including time spent at our house in Pennsylvania) since 2009, when we started to travel seriously with the RV.
October will be patch-up and prep month, November, we roll again! )

I hope everyone is ready for Fall and enjoying some cooler weather wherever you may be!
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We came into California in mid-April and made our way to the Bay area for J’s work, initially. Our first stop was in San Jose, at an RV park close to J’s work.

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It's been a craptastic day, starting with lousy donuts and finishing with an emergency vet visit (for something which turned out to be nothing at all - except the vet's fee, but there's a bright spot.)

In the middle I drove from Tucumcari, NM to Cochita Lake, NM (near Santa Fe) while J dealt with work crises and was on the phone to the point that when we got close to where we needed directions, which normally the passenger provides, we had to pull over onto an offramp so I could look up how to get where we were going. Where we were accosted by a homeless guy who wanted a lift "uh, sorry, no" (but was grateful for the sandwiches I made for him when he asked if we might have snacks to share - there's another bright spot.) I made sandwiches for us too and we ate them while J was on the phone. Still. Again.

We got to the campground,spotting the turn at the last possible second. We didn't have reservations, the sites which were supposed to be open were booked, there was only one site available and it took two tries to get in, and then about 15 minutes after we got in and I was reviewing a fic for posting and thinking how much everything I write sucks (that's stress, it'll pass) there's Mister Guy staggering along the floor looking like he's having a stroke while Mercedes pukes. Four times (the puking, not the staggering.) So, fast Google search, vet 40 minutes away, called, made appointment, stuffed the now perfectly nonchalant cat back in his carrier, and drove to the vet.

Where Mister Guy charmed the nice no-nonsense lady vet and acted like a perfectly healthy cat.

One more bright spot: the campground is absolutely stunning. Which I will appreciate tomorrow, I am sure. Tell me something good that's going on for you.
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We’re rolling north and west from Houston, headed for California and the Bay area. Our plans for noodling around the inter-mountain west have been diverted by J’s work. This time it’s a half-planned change. We were pretty sure we’d be heading out to California sometime this year, and now we have a definite date; we’ll be there in mid to late April. How long we stay there is entirely up in the air, since J’s work seems incapable of making up its mind.

But for now we’re in Texas in springtime, and the wildflowers are in bloom. Coming up from Houston, we drove north to Ennis, TX for a brief stop at Waxahachie Creek Park, a Corps of Engineers campground on the lake there. The campground was pretty and the lake was beautiful. We had the loop we were in all to ourselves; the only loop that was full was the one which was all pull-through sites. I’d rather back in and have no neighbors.

We’dve headed more directly west from Houston, but I had arranged for a mail delivery to be sent to us just before we arrived there. So while we got yanked to Houston, our mail went to general delivery at the post office in Wylie. We looked into our options for getting the mail redelivered but they all suffered from too much lag and uncertainty. Easier just to run north and drive into Wylie on Saturday. That let us get a nice brunch in the little café we like there – bonus!

All the way north, the wildflowers were blooming along the freeways. We saw billows of bluebonnets, pure deep blue tipped with white, thick enough in places to resemble a foam-flecked sea. Right along with them were orange and red indian paintbrush; low growing pale pink flowers which looked like poppies; and even some mounds of crimson clover, which isn’t crimson at all but a deep velvet red. Spring in Texas would make a gorgeous quilt.
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Welp, J’s work has struck again. This morning I was debating starting my day with the quilting I wanted to do or knocking out a load of dishes before settling in to quilt. Good thing I opted for the dishes, since not five minutes after they were finished, J said: “They want me in Houston.”



Ok, we can do that. It’s roughly 260 miles from East Fork Park in Wylie, TX, down to New Caney, TX, just north of Houston. Not too far to go in a single day, and it was early enough we’d get in before dark. I called the campground we’d stayed in the last time his work dragged us down here, and they were able to find a space available for a week. Coming in at the last minute the way we are, we’re shoehorned into a tiny site barely wider than the rig with the slides out. But that’s ok, we’re in, we’re set up and we’re on time for his work.

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We took a week to get from Hot Springs to Pensacola, which was our next destination stop. When we’re travelling the way we prefer, we drive no more than 250 miles a day and take a day or two between drives to just enjoy the journey. J and I group our campgrounds into two categories: destination campgrounds, which are places we want to stay for a week or two, and layover campgrounds, places which are picked for cost and convenience more than any desire to spend time there. Our two layover campgrounds on this trip were both pretty good.

Quotidian details... )
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From the Cape it was back to Foxboro for another week of J’s training classes; we stayed at Normandy Farms again but this time I asked for a site on the edge of the campground, which we enjoyed a bit more than being right next to the bathhouse. After that we headed south a bit, ending up in a campground in southern New York state (Black Bear Campground, Florida, NY) in order to visit my relatives in northern New Jersey. The visit was very pleasant; we met up with some friends of theirs who were interested in RVing and spent a lot of time talking over the RV lifestyle.

The campground was nice, except for the stink bugs. )
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I’ve been thinking about the quilts on Judy Laquidara’s UFO challenge: what got done, what didn’t get done, and what I’d like to do next year. It was a very good thing to have participated in the challenge; it really made me take a hard look at what I want to be doing in the quilting arena.

Some of the projects rose to the top of the priority list; some faded off it, and some I outsourced. )
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Autumn Moon was a great campground, and just what we needed after the hustle and bustle of the last few weeks of August and the beginning of September. Almost empty this late in the year, it was very serene, and we had blue skies and pleasant temperatures to boot. Sites were good-sized and the people were friendly. The only knock was that the Verizon cellular service was poor to none. Yet one more reason to get a cell booster.
Cell booster gripes and Saratoga Springs... )
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Or, how we made it down to Florida in two days and back in three. Our clear preference in this lifestyle is to travel once a week or so, driving 4 to 6 hours each time. Towing, we average 40 mph. That’s start to stop, counting in rest breaks, lunch, fueling stops and all. If the driving is all on freeways we do a little better, maybe 50 mph; if it’s back roads or surface roads around cities we do a little worse. So if we have our druthers, we travel a maximum of about 250 (less is fine) miles per change of venue, and we like to change our venue every week or two. I don’t get discontented sitting for a month, but J gets antsy if he’s in one place too long, and I’m perfectly happy with the one to two week stays as the norm.

But when work says jump, off we go... )

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The very next post after I finish railing about coming into campgrounds in the dark and how we never do that, where do I find myself? Pulling into a campground at 10 pm at night. *Sigh* “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” one supposes.

We left Raleigh in early August and drove back to Chippokes State Park for a few days. Our friends from Richmond came out for an evening. It’s been so hot lately that I’ve been staying denned up in the RV; I was really glad that the day our friends were able to come out it was actually moderate, even cool enough that we sat around the campfire in the gloaming for a while. The next day was another scorcher; we drove to Colonial Williamsburg with the intent to tour a bit in the morning, but it was so hot we opted for lunch out instead and came back and immersed ourselves in that excellent pool, for which we were properly grateful.

The afternoon before we were due to leave for DC J’s boss called (at 5 pm, naturally) with the news that he was wanted in Florida... )
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It was an easy drive from the Outer Banks to our new campsite north of Raleigh, NC. Which was good, because it was the first drive in over a month which was longer than 200 miles. Our lunch stop was a seafood packing plant with a little fried fish truck surrounded by picnic tables, just past the bridge on the mainland. We got fried oysters, which were delicious but tiny, and a bonus basket of scallops in apology for the itsy bitsy oysters.

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