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Or, how we made it down to Florida in two days and back in three. Our clear preference in this lifestyle is to travel once a week or so, driving 4 to 6 hours each time. Towing, we average 40 mph. That’s start to stop, counting in rest breaks, lunch, fueling stops and all. If the driving is all on freeways we do a little better, maybe 50 mph; if it’s back roads or surface roads around cities we do a little worse. So if we have our druthers, we travel a maximum of about 250 (less is fine) miles per change of venue, and we like to change our venue every week or two. I don’t get discontented sitting for a month, but J gets antsy if he’s in one place too long, and I’m perfectly happy with the one to two week stays as the norm.

But when work says jump, off we go... )

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James Island Campground

Stayed here December 22nd through the 27th.  Lovely place.  The park is a good sized area with a nice lake and paved hiking paths.  We were here for the holiday festival of lights, which takes place on the roads into and out of the campground, so returning in the evening is a slow but pretty process.  It's moderately priced, mid thirties in the off season with the Good Sam discount.  Everyone we've talked to has been very nice.  The bathhouses are clean, water pressure low but the showers do eventually warm up.  We've had two sites during our stay.  One camp host claims that the reservationists see swapping sites as a sport.  We think it's likely due to staggered reservations and trying to give people more desirable sites first.  I'd rather have a less desirable site and stay put for the whole stay.  I think that reserving early would help with that, along with insisting on a single site.  The sites themselves are shell and gravel, nice and wide and fairly level.  Sewer toward the back of the site on both, taking two hoses to reach.  There's a water park open in summer.  The sign at the pond says please don't feed the alligators but all we saw was a big turtle (also not to be fed.)

The park is very easy access to Charleston.  I'd happily stay here again.

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Got into the camp ground they're doing a festival of lights thing so getting to our campsite after dark involves much traffic but also a lot  of christmass lights.  Meza meza. [When the campground info said 'festival of lights', I figured that meant _near_ the campground, not on all the roads in the park and thus _on the way to_ the campground.  No matter, it's a lovely display and not too long to get to the campsite. -C]

Going into Charleston proper two things become clear this town was never ment for cab and chasis duel rear wheel F350's and these people know how to fleece the unwary.

The first stop summed up both.  Took me three try's to get parked in the garage ment for RV's this without the fiver just the truck and two go into the "Welcome center" and get directed to a time share type pitch to "save money on the tours in Charleston".  No thanks my time is worth more then that.

Turned out the visitors center was in a different building and they were helpful.  The guy pitching the time share didn't eat his teeth but it was a near thing.

We then drove around the down town area to get a feel for what we want to see.  Sumter of course, a couple of the historic house and the carriage tour was the short list.  We then looked for a place to eat and found a great little French place Mistrial or Mistrel something like that. [Mistral -- it was delicious and just what I wanted. -C]

Good food friendly people.

More latter...



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