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You will either hate these links with a passion or find them hysterical.  I dunno which.  Myths Retold is a highly irreverent, scatological site which retells myths from a modern, extremely snarky perspective.  He (I assume?) just did the original Star Wars movies.  Language warning, beverage warning.

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

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Arriving at the party on Nar Shaddaa. Earlier episodes are here. No spoilers except for companion names.

Masquerade Part 4: Let's get this party started )
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With many, many thanks to best-ever beta reader [ profile] lanna_kitty, who kindly hand-held and read and gave feedback on a moment’s notice when I needed it.

This is Part Three of Masquerade. Parts One and Two are here:

Masquerade Part 1: Invitation to a Party

Masquerade Part 2: Naps and Preparations

Masquerade Part 3: Playing Dress-up )

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Romance, fluff: Torian finally convinces Jaeda he means what he says.  This piece follows immediately after Hunter.  Spoilers for the Bounty Hunter storyline through Taris.

Being Honest )

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I am rummaging through the short pieces, looking for something to post today because the Masquerade fic is stalled, displaced by some other writing and RL.  Hoping to get back to that and finish it out going forward.  In the meantime, here's a bit of fluff featuring Torian and his gunshy Bounty Hunter.

Language )

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EDIT:  I got clarification from the person who's running [ profile] het_bigbang, and no, with the thing I was thinking about 50 percent done, it doesn't qualify.  Has to be started specifically for the challenge, even if it's never been posted anywhere else.  So the question below is, in fact, moot.  Please disregard.


So, I have a question for the folks reading along on these little stories every Friday.  I'm considering pulling together one of the stories I want to tell about Adiira and Malavai for a writing challenge called [ profile] het_bigbang.  It would mean expanding the fic out to 10K words, which it kinda needs anyway, to hang together and make sense to a reader coming at it cold. 

More to the point, it would mean holding off on posting it here.  Het Big Bang does a dramatic reveal of all the fic written for the event on August 31st.  I have other stories to post about Adiira and crew before then, but not enough to last until the end of August.  I could put up stories about other characters in the SWTOR universe, like Jaeda, my bounty hunter (see week before last) but I might wind up skipping a Friday or two.

What do you think?  Go ahead and try the writing challenge, knowing that it means you don't get that story until after August?  Or keep posting everything in sequence here, and you guys will see that story likely starting sometime in July?  Let me know.

note: After rereading the requirements for the challenge, this may all be moot.  The instructions say you have to start fresh for the 10K challenge aka the "Little Bang".  I'll write and request clarification, but there's no entirely new story that I am so invested in telling that I want to write 10K words starting from scratch today.

No spoilers other than companion names.

Naps and preparations )
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No spoilers other than companion names.  (As a complete aside, just for sheer geeky goodness, here's Adiira and Quinn.)

Invitation to a Party )
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I'm a trifle stuck on the Adiira and Quinn storyline. Working on something to fill in between "Escape from the Manor" and later, pre-written pieces, but it's coming very, very slowly. In the interim, in the interests of keeping up with Friday Fanfic, have a couple of short pieces about Torian Cadera and the bounty hunter he'd like to woo.  No spoilers other than companion names.

Hunter )
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No spoilers. Conclusion of Escape from the Manor aka Lessons Learned.  Earlier chapters are here:

1.  A private scene
2.  Escaping the manor
3.  Dancing the stars
4.  Interlude, with violence

Debriefing )

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No spoilers other than knowing who the Sith Warrior companions are.  The next scene in "Escape from the Manor"

Interlude, with violence )

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This is a continuation of last week's piece, inspired and improved by [ profile] lanna_kitty (Thanks, lanna_kitty!)  I thought about ending it at the hatchmark, but decided that was a bit too cruel...  No spoilers.

Escaping the manor... )
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Spoilers for the Sith Marauder storyline.

Dancing the Lightning )
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We’re in Baton Rouge for Mardi Gras. It’s a get together of friends that has been going on for… eight years now? Maybe nine? We’ve been coming, off and on, for eight years anyway. I remember because the first year we came (2005), the Eagles were in the Super Bowl. And the Super Bowl was going to be on the same night that we were planning to go to New Orleans to see the parades. I was really, really torn whether to go or stay back at the hotel and watch the game. Our hosts found out about my dilemma and went out and borrowed a mini-TV and I watched the game and the parade at the same time. That’s pretty much the way they are, the folks we come to meet. Above and beyond the call for people they’d only met online up till then.

We met in Everquest, the very first MMORPG I ever played. We’re still playing together all these years later, in SWTOR now and in the same guild at long last.

It's like coming home... )
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I think I'm done writing further back in the timeline.  An introduction.  From here, we move forward.

Adiira kicked at the base of the shuttle ramp twice, sharply... )

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Ok, whew! When I started writing these snippets, I thought there’d be maybe three or four. Mostly, I wanted to do more justice to the dashing Captain Quinn than I thought SWTOR had done, and work out my frustrations at the looong gaps between crew missions. But the more I write the more I want to write about Adiira and her journey as a light-sided Sith Warrior.

J and I play SWTOR together; we’re partnered almost all the time. Why would an Imperial Agent take up with a Sith Warrior? Adiira doesn’t know, but she’s not going to complain given how it worked out.

Adiira's Journal - Dromond Kaas Spaceport )


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