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Cutting 30's prints

It was a grey and dreary morning, which is why my window looks almost black with the flash. This is the start of a new quilt (well, three new quilts, once all is said and done.) I love the look of 30’s quilts, whether reproduction or vintage. I’d made up patterns in EQ for several, and picked the one I wanted to make most for my next project.

It’s another quilt like Holly Berries, with four-patch blocks alternating with another block to make a frame; that’s a style I seem to really like. And since I’ve dragged out my entire stash of 30’s repros to make it, I may as well also cut for another 30’s star quilt, and since the easiest way to make blocks for that one generates mirror image triangle units (but I want all my triangles to go one way) I might as well cut double what I need for one quilt and make two in mirror image. Wait, how’d we get from making one to making three?

Oh well, the cutting isn’t that much different, and I am making a real dent in my 30’s pile. Plus kitting up Grandmother’s Choice blocks; I’ll sew the 30’s stars quilt as leader-enders on the Grandmother’s Choice blocks until I’m caught up with the Grandmother’s Choice and then sew GC in between 30’s stars after that.

This is probably something that everybody but me already knows, but in printing out the cutting instructions for the GC blocks, I discovered you can use them as nifty envelopes for the pieces. Just fold the paper in half and fold down one end to make an envelope; slip your pieces inside and put the paper in a Ziploc to hold them in place. So I’m kitting out the blocks and holding them for sewing time.

Plus, the Block Lotto is featuring a really cute star block this month, so while the 30’s and GC scraps are flying, I’ll probably take the time and cut a few star blocks for the lotto. It’s going to be a really slicey week!

Check out what other folks are kitting up and sewing together at Judy Laquidara’s Design Wall Monday.
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