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Awash in 2-patches

The picture features most of the 468 two-patch units made with 30’s prints and white squares. Some of them were used to make 76 one-patch units, but the rest will be sewn into four-patches for the 30’s Stars quilt.

Naturally, somewhere in all that sewing I miscounted. I came to the end of my colored squares and had 108 white squares left. I was cussing and mumbling to myself, certain I’d cut the right number of white squares and resigned to cutting a lot more colored ones, when J convinced me to just count the two-patches already made. 459 total: 9 short of the needed amount. I’m not sure how that happened, nor how I managed to cut so many more white squares than I needed. But it was a relief to just quickly cut 9 more colored squares and finish out the two-patches.

At this point late on Sunday night, most of the four-patches have been sewn, and about two-thirds of those have been pressed. I’m pooped, so the rest of them will wait for tomorrow so nothing gets sewn together backwards or anything like that.

Over on the git-‘er-done (err, “get it done”) list, I spent most of the week working on this 30’s Stars quilt (item 1) and did make some progress on the TV install. The frame is trimmed and checked for fit with the TV, and the measurements are made (and written down!) for the box which will attach to the frame. We went to Lowes to get bolts for the TV mount, as the bolts in the mounting kit were too long and too short respectively, and while we were there checked out the lumber selection. They’ve got 24 inch square plywood available, which is all we’ll need, so that’s a good savings over having to buy a 24 by 48 inch sheet.

Nothing’s been done on the other two action items, in part because if I can finish the 30’s Stars quilt before two more weeks go by I can take it in to my quilter in person instead of having to mail it to her. And that’s a highly desirable outcome.

Check out what other quilters are racing to finish at Judy Laquidara’s Design Wall Monday!
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