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Ahh, the vagaries of life on the road, aka fleeing the storm.

We spent Thanksgiving in Arkansas with my MIL; it was a nice long weekend with family members arriving at staggered intervals as their schedules permitted.  Sunday we got back on the road after roughly two weeks in Hot Springs, headed for Sherman, TX, on the first stage of our long drive to California for the Escapees’ Rose Parade HOP.

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Welp, J’s work has struck again. This morning I was debating starting my day with the quilting I wanted to do or knocking out a load of dishes before settling in to quilt. Good thing I opted for the dishes, since not five minutes after they were finished, J said: “They want me in Houston.”



Ok, we can do that. It’s roughly 260 miles from East Fork Park in Wylie, TX, down to New Caney, TX, just north of Houston. Not too far to go in a single day, and it was early enough we’d get in before dark. I called the campground we’d stayed in the last time his work dragged us down here, and they were able to find a space available for a week. Coming in at the last minute the way we are, we’re shoehorned into a tiny site barely wider than the rig with the slides out. But that’s ok, we’re in, we’re set up and we’re on time for his work.

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We took a week to get from Hot Springs to Pensacola, which was our next destination stop. When we’re travelling the way we prefer, we drive no more than 250 miles a day and take a day or two between drives to just enjoy the journey. J and I group our campgrounds into two categories: destination campgrounds, which are places we want to stay for a week or two, and layover campgrounds, places which are picked for cost and convenience more than any desire to spend time there. Our two layover campgrounds on this trip were both pretty good.

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We finally left Hot Springs in mid-January after a stay of precisely two months, if you don’t count the brief jaunt to Texas between the holidays. We’d elected to do a short drive day the first day, as we knew the cats had gotten out of the habit of travelling. And as expected, no one wanted to go into their carriers. Normally we just set the carriers down and two out of three cats nip right in. In fact, I have to be careful to set the right carrier in front of the right cat, or they will be mis-boxed. (In which case they stay there; getting it “right” isn’t worth the trauma to their little psyches of prying them back out.) After a brief tussle everyone was boxed up, and hitching up proceeded smoothly.

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In a pretty pleasant change from the summer and fall, not much has been going on since I posted last. We made our way to Hot Springs to spend the holidays with J’s family and had a great time.

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We’re in Kentucky just in time for Spring! I really enjoy our days in Kentucky; we usually seem to come through here in spring or fall. We’re in a Corps of Engineers campground at the northern end of the Land Between the Lakes, and yesterday we drove the trace road the length of the national recreation area. It was a beautiful drive. The white dogwoods and the redbud trees are in full bloom, lacy white and pink all along the roadway. Up here in Grand Rivers the tulips and violets are blooming and the weather is almost summer-hot.
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J and P and I sat down and had a family discussion about where to go next, and we decided to go ahead and make the long trip from Kentucky to the southern tip of Texas, so that P could see a friend of his who had moved away after high school. It would let us tour Texas, too, but we’d be driving every few days in order to make it down there and back again for Thanksgiving in PA.

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From Nashville we drove pretty much due west to wind up near J’s sister’s place, at a little campground in Kensett, a little town in central Arkansas. The campground was a bit run down but the owner was very friendly, and recommended a place he said served “the best catfish in Arkansas!” There was just enough time to get there for dinner, so we piled into the van and drove east to an even tinier town (pop 132.) Georgetown is literally the end of the road; the tarmac just suddenly ends in the woods. The restaurant looks like someone’s house, and we were worried we’d walk into a living room and surprise the owners watching TV when we pushed open the door. Instead we walked into a homey, cheery dining room with white laminate tables and walls covered floor to ceiling with snapshots: winning high school teams, fishermen holding monster catfish, various record bucks or sometimes just the one they got that year, homecoming dances and so forth.

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We are on the banks of the Ohio River, in a very nice campground north of Paducah, KY.  Upon learning that there were sites on the water I’d asked for one when I made our reservations.  After we got backed in, J and I turned our living room chairs around so that we could look out the large rear window at the river. And here we are, watching the squall line come on.


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Yesterday we drove through a downpour to get to Arkansas and camp at Lake Catherine State Park, in Hot Springs.  Tomorrow and the next day are set aside to visit family.  The rain slacked off and stopped in mid-morning, so today we took the afternoon and drove down to Crater of Diamonds State Park, in Murfreesboro, AR.  This park is touted (in the old fashioned sense of the word) as “THE ONLY DIAMOND MINE IN THE USA!”  Everyone we talked to about it had a story: “Oh, someone just last week found a two carat diamond.”  Everyone said the same thing: “Oh, you’re going at a good time!  It’s best to go after a heavy rain; that’s when people find diamonds!”  We could tell we were getting close when every business we passed had ‘diamond’ in the name:  “El Diamante Mexican Restaurant.”

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We’ve left southern Texas, dry and hot, for central Arkansas, which so far has been wet and cool.  It’s raining this morning with occasional bouts of thunder.  Mister Guy, attempting to seem unconcerned, nevertheless somehow winds up on someone’s chest as soon as the thunder starts to roll.  He’s curled up and sleeping on J’s chest at the moment, only opening an eye when the rain picks up.


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