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If you are interested in Science Fiction, and you read David Freer's books (military SF with a comic bent, IIRC) you might be interested to know that he and his family are emigrating from South Africa to Australia.  The reason I am posting that info here is that they want to be able to take their pets with them, which requires a 7 month (!) quarantine at the cost of many thousands of dollars.  They have about half of the funds they need.  Mr Freer has put a modern twist on the storyteller's bowl and is publishing a novel online, one chapter at a time, supported by donations to a fund to help them move their beloved animals.

If you've read his stuff before or think you might enjoy it, please consider going by the website and dropping a few dollars in the bowl.  I've seen before in online appeals how we can give just a small amount, money that's easy for us, and it adds up to a big difference for the people who need it.

There's a recent post about the situation on D Freer's blog about the move, and the Save the Dragons site has the novel to date (free to read) and a FAQ about the whole thing.

Got Fabric?

Sep. 1st, 2009 06:44 pm
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The deadline is the 8th of September.  I'm going to see if I can't get a box in the mail by then (or a little before..)

This comes at a good time for me; ok, my sewing room is a shambles (really my fabric storage room, I sew downstairs at my desk where I do everything else too.)  But I should be able to come up with enough extra supplies and fabric to pack a USPS flat rate box nice and full. 

What is this about?  Iraqi Bundles of Love. (this is the intro page.)  It's a grassroots program to send fabric, yarn, crafty stuff to Iraqi people for their use, started by someone currently stationed in Iraq.  He's looking for bundles to hand out at the end of Ramadan; the website requests that you post a comment on the program's blog in order to get the APO mailing address.  There's recommendations on how to pack a bundle and what to put in it linked from that intro post.  The blog for the aforementioned requested comments is here: IBOL blog
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Without the asterix:  Google's  Project 10 to the hundredth

Because we could use something positive.

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Found the link to this story on Laurie R. King's blog. A team from a high school in West Phoenix beats out competitors from the likes of MIT in building a submersible robot. The school is soliciting donations to pay for college for the four students involved.

It's dated, but worth reading. Worth giving.  I assume that monies over and above what's needed to pay for college for those four would go to fund college for other worthy students.  And while I am thinking about 'worth reading' so is just about anything Laurie R. King writes.  Just sayin'.


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