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J and I were chatting in the truck on the way to our current location (a very nice little private campground in northern Indiana) and it occurred to us that we’ve stayed in all six of what we consider the various types of campgrounds in this one loop. We headed out for Indianapolis in mid-July and broke the long drive into two days, stopping midway at a state park just inside the eastern border of Ohio. From there it was off to Indianapolis and a county park just north of the city. We stayed there a week, then drove to St Louis and stayed at a casino park, did some sightseeing and some more rig repairs and headed out to Chanute, again breaking our trip at a state park, this time in Missouri. The campground in Chanute is a city park. From there we headed north to a federal recreation area, a Core of Engineers (COE) park on a lake near Hannibal, MO. And now we’re in a private campground near South Bend, IN.

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Ha!  We have made the Mark of Zorro across the US!  Near-Philly to San Antonio to North-east Arkansas to Kentucky to Kansas and then across New Mexico and Arizona to California.  Whew! 

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We’re almost all packed up and put away and ready for our 7 (ugh!) am appointment with the NuWa service center tomorrow.  The alarm is set for 5 (eek!) am so we can button up the rig and dump the tanks before driving over to the factory for some minor warrantee work.  We’ve been enjoying Chanute, Kansas and their municipal campground.  Rather than have fifth wheels parked in the local Wal-Mart awaiting factory service, Chanute built a nice little campground.  Water and electric for $10 a day, and the first two nights are free.  It’s ideal, especially as it backs onto a city park with a small lake.


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