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In mid-October, we set out on the first stage of an easy run down to Arkansas for the holiday season. Our first stop was Beacon Hill Campground in Intercourse, PA, where we planned to spend a week or so catching up with local friends and family. Beacon Hill was great; it’s small and the campsites are pretty tight, but it’s inexpensive for the area and right in the heart of Lancaster County, an area that J and I both like a lot. Plus, quilt shops less than a half mile away, what more could you want? Unfortunately, J and I both came down with nasty colds, so we had to seriously curtail our visiting. I spent all day Tuesday resting, but did manage to get by the quilt guild meeting on Wednesday and visit my friend D on Thursday.
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J and P and I sat down and had a family discussion about where to go next, and we decided to go ahead and make the long trip from Kentucky to the southern tip of Texas, so that P could see a friend of his who had moved away after high school. It would let us tour Texas, too, but we’d be driving every few days in order to make it down there and back again for Thanksgiving in PA.

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From central Kentucky we made our way south and west to Nashville, TN. The last time we were in Nashville, in March, we stayed in a private campground near the Opryland Hotel. That was fun, but this time the Seven Points Corps of Engineers campground at J Percy Priest reservoir was open (with one space left when we made our reservation) so we stayed there. It’s a small campground with large wooded sites, most of which overlook the lake; the driveways are paved and the sitting areas are gravel, with large concrete picnic tables. They take beautiful care of it too, the sites are policed and the gravel is raked between campers. The campground sits on an arm of the lake and there’s a sandy beach for swimming, which we were really enjoyed after the long hot drive. My only complaint about the area is that it seemed that they were repaving every single road that accessed the campground during our stay. And it wasn’t that they’d do one and move on to the next, the crews were digging up all the roads and laying tarmac more or less at random or so it seemed.
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