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In mid-October, we set out on the first stage of an easy run down to Arkansas for the holiday season. Our first stop was Beacon Hill Campground in Intercourse, PA, where we planned to spend a week or so catching up with local friends and family. Beacon Hill was great; it’s small and the campsites are pretty tight, but it’s inexpensive for the area and right in the heart of Lancaster County, an area that J and I both like a lot. Plus, quilt shops less than a half mile away, what more could you want? Unfortunately, J and I both came down with nasty colds, so we had to seriously curtail our visiting. I spent all day Tuesday resting, but did manage to get by the quilt guild meeting on Wednesday and visit my friend D on Thursday.
Visiting, quilting, and heading for Texas )
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Or, how we made it down to Florida in two days and back in three. Our clear preference in this lifestyle is to travel once a week or so, driving 4 to 6 hours each time. Towing, we average 40 mph. That’s start to stop, counting in rest breaks, lunch, fueling stops and all. If the driving is all on freeways we do a little better, maybe 50 mph; if it’s back roads or surface roads around cities we do a little worse. So if we have our druthers, we travel a maximum of about 250 (less is fine) miles per change of venue, and we like to change our venue every week or two. I don’t get discontented sitting for a month, but J gets antsy if he’s in one place too long, and I’m perfectly happy with the one to two week stays as the norm.

But when work says jump, off we go... )

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The very next post after I finish railing about coming into campgrounds in the dark and how we never do that, where do I find myself? Pulling into a campground at 10 pm at night. *Sigh* “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds,” one supposes.

We left Raleigh in early August and drove back to Chippokes State Park for a few days. Our friends from Richmond came out for an evening. It’s been so hot lately that I’ve been staying denned up in the RV; I was really glad that the day our friends were able to come out it was actually moderate, even cool enough that we sat around the campfire in the gloaming for a while. The next day was another scorcher; we drove to Colonial Williamsburg with the intent to tour a bit in the morning, but it was so hot we opted for lunch out instead and came back and immersed ourselves in that excellent pool, for which we were properly grateful.

The afternoon before we were due to leave for DC J’s boss called (at 5 pm, naturally) with the news that he was wanted in Florida... )
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Part 1

We had planned to go north for the summer, back to Maine and New Hampshire. Spend the summer months in the cooler states and stay out of the killer heat (not that it would have worked, this year, but that was the plan.) Last year J’s work diverted us to GA in July, and I wanted a more comfortable summer. But the same thing happened this year; he had to be in North Carolina at the end of July. There went our northern loop. J said as long as we had to be in the South in the heat, we could at least get some fun out of it, and he actually scheduled vacation time for the middle of the month.

So the whole month, pretty much, was paybacks to me for having to give up my nice cool summer plans for a hot Southern summer. )
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It’s been an interesting few weeks. As in “may you live in interesting times” interesting. J’s work sent him to Georgia a little over a week ago, and I am writing this from a campground near Savannah, as we get ready to make the run back up to the Mid-Atlantic States.

The trip to Georgia was exciting... )


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